Gutter being cleaned by a hose

Gutter Cleaning Services

Why is important to clean my gutters?

Prevent water flowing – the principal job of your gutters is to divert water into the storm drain. If leaves, moss, or bird, squirrel and insect nests block your gutters, then they cannot do their job effectively.

Protect your property – your home is normally your single biggest investment. If water is pouring out of the top of your gutters then it is likely that expensive repairs will be required to soffits, window frames, woodwork and foundations. There is also the possibility of water soaking into the brick or plasterwork causing damp patches inside the property.

Maintain your guttering – a gutter is your first line of defence against the famous British weather; if left clogged up they will not last as long as one that is regularly cleaned. Not cleaning your gutters is a false economy!

How do they get blocked up?

Usually gutters become blocked because of leaves falling and blowing off trees, moss rolling off your roof or birds or small rodents nesting. Over time this organic debris will continue to build up and eventually solidify into a dam like structure. In addition if there is a cold winter any water trapped in your gutter will turn to ice that can weigh down the gutter causing further damage.

When should I clean my gutters?

We recommend that your gutters are cleaned at least once a year and preferably twice, once in the autumn (when the leaves are still dry and reasonably easy to remove) and again in early spring before the April showers arrive. If you are not sure if they need cleaning please do get them checked – we’d be happy to advise.

Why you should entrust Gilbros with maintaining your gutters?

  1. Customer Service: our business depends on referrals and introductions which is one very good reason we pride ourselves on making sure all our clients are delighted with our service.
  2. Equipment: we use telescopic cleaning equipment from the ground that sucks out the debris quickly and easily.
  3. Clean & safe: we empty the sludge into containers for safe disposal.
  4. Training: all staff is well trained in managing the equipment safely and expertly.
  5. Experience: our operators have seen most everything – all challenges are welcomed!
  6. History: Gilbros Ltd have been in business for over 90 years.
  7. Approved:  Gilbros Ltd. is a full member of the federation of window cleaners.

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