Moss treatment

Moss Treatment Services

A highly effective solution for destroying moss, mildew, mould, fungus, algae and protecting against regrowth. Our product removes the surface growth, it also destroys the spores which produce the new growth and is safer to use both for the operator and the treated surfaces. Can be used on concrete, wood, tar, bricks, slates etc.

  • Safe to use, does not burn surfaces.
  • Safe for children and pets to walk on
  • Contains no acids, bleaches or caustics.
  • Concentrated – Economical to use.
  • Removes spores as well as surface growths.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Ideal for use on roofs, drives, patios, decking etc
  • Use on concrete, tarmac, tiles, wood, slate, plastic and metals.

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